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The best places for your family in Northern Vietnam itinerary 7 days

Mai Chau tour for family

If you are planning a 7-day itinerary for your family, suggestion for North Vietnam tours below supply everything that you expect. Choose destinations and plan a great itinerary in 7 days and enjoy it with your dear in Northern Vietnam.


The fusion of ancient beauty and modern view of Hanoi makes it worthy to spend 2 days on your family’s Northern Vietnam itinerary.

Hanoi remains old architectures which are strongly reminiscent of history. Despite wars, Temple of Literature, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long are conserved to show tourists a small part of Vietnam feudalism. Meanwhile, a variety of museums and relics offer many sites of Vietnam society over many years.

The Old Quarter has the uproarious streets and abundant cuisine in small space, which creates a distinctive culture and makes it become a hot spot.

One day in the center and the other day for taking a trip to Hanoi’s suburb is reasonable in your Vietnam journey in 7 days.

The suburb of Hanoi has a lot of attractive places. Only 15 km from the center, you will be immersed in peaceful villages with fresh air, large fields, and quiet life.  

Duong Lam Village

Duong Lam Village

Hanoi cuisine is the harmony of world cuisine, so it can satisfy any taste. Food is sold on the main streets, restaurants, sidewalks, even alleyways. Dishes cooked by fresh vegetables and local ingredients will supply you enough energy without being afraid of fattening. Pho, Bun Cha, egg coffee are the most popular and often chosen by foreigners in their Vietnam plan.

Pho - the most popular dishes in Hanoi

Pho – the most popular dishes in Hanoi

Don’t worry about your accommodation or entertainment places for your family, services are always ready to give you the best experience in Hanoi.

Moc Chau

There is no town in Vietnam like Moc Chau. Its diversity of scene, festivals, food, music makes it the outstanding destination in your Vietnam itinerary 7 days.

The most suitable time to visit Moc Chau is spring from January to March for a 2-day trip. This time, Moc Chau is covered by far-flung colorful flowers fields such as the white of plum flower fields, light pink and red of peach blossom and orchid tree forests. These flowers not only draw a spectacular scene but also make it special for Moc Chau’s food. Hotspots in Moc Chau such as tea heart-shaped hill, Ngu Doc Ban On, Ba Phach field are ideal places for enjoying, taking photos with flowers. Make your 7 days in Northern Vietnam journey plentiful of exciting pictures with your family.

In the highland center, you shouldn’t skip Bat Cave, Ban Ang pine forest, orchid garden, strawberry, and Dai Yem waterfall. About 5-7 km from Moc Chau center, you will drop your soul into the endless green tea hills.

The food here such as Muong pigs, rice cooked in bamboo tubes, Thai’s dishes and fresh milk are typical for Northern Vietnam provinces, they have the natural taste from forest spices. Thus, you will regret if you skip these dishes.

In Moc Chau, you can choose a hotel or a resort for your members and book tours to discover this town. If your family want to know more about the life of some ethnic groups here, a homestay will be a perfect choice.

Mai Chau tour for family

Mai Chau tour for family

Halong Bay

What is incomplete in your 7- day Vietnam itinerary? Your trip is over a busy city, a miracle highland, we do not have a sunny, windy and precious spot. It is Halong Bay, the most attractive destination in Vietnam. This marvel has been a natural world heritage for years.

Nowadays, it is easier and quicker to reach Halong because it takes tourists nearly 2 hours to move from Hanoi. If you have kids, your children are definitely curious about games such as slide gates, ball houses, obstacles, the wax statue of international idols, etc. Moreover, all the members can join kayaking to discover tunnels, caves that cruises cannot reach.

Kayaking in Halong Bay with your children

Kayaking in Halong Bay with your children

Services in Halong are extremely perfect. Contemplating over 1,600 limestone islands and islets while drinking some wine on your cruise under the sun is the best experience. Overnight cruise on the bay is recommended to enjoy entirely your trip.

Halong cuisine is famous for fresh seafood at a comfortable price. Ingredients are chosen right after fishermen finish their fishing trip. Having meals on your cruise is so amazing to experience because you can immerse completely in the taste of the sea through fresh seafood, sea breeze, and sea sun.

Enjoy seafood on cruise with your family

Enjoy seafood on a cruise with your family


Spending 2 days in Sapa is one of the best choices for your family Vietnam itinerary in 7 days. What makes Sapa attract both domestic and foreign tourists?

First of all, Sapa owns diverse and different landscape such as rock mountains,  caves, terraces, and national park. These places are not only spectacular look but also carrying great values of the local culture. The outstanding spot in Sapa is Fansipan mountain. It is the roof of Indochina, 3143 m above sea level. You are wondering how to contemplate the majestic scene from the top if you have kids, you needn’t worry because the suspension cable system can deal with this problem easily.

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Sapa locates at 1600 m above the sea level, it is cool during a year. Therefore, Sapa always welcomes tourists.  If you miss the trip to Moc Chau in spring to watch flower fields, you can choose Sapa for your 7-day Northern Vietnam itinerary in other seasons.

Choosing a short trekking for your family is the most recommended. This is safe and not too much time. While you are walking, you can enjoy the beautiful mountain, take part in residents’ activities, even have meals with them.

A family takes a trekking tour in Sapa

A family takes a trekking tour in Sapa

2 days in Sapa to visit, experience and enjoy local food will give your family an unforgettable memory about Vietnam itinerary 7 days.

Hanoi, Moc Chau, Halong Bay, Sapa are places that have their own attraction, represent a city, highland and beach culture of Northern Vietnam. They supply services that can meet your demands. Note these places in your plan to travel on your next vacation.


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