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How far is it from Hanoi to Halong Bay?

Seaplane to Halong

Being one of the World Natural Heritage, junk cruise Halong Bay, which is180km (107 miles) away from Hanoi capital, is definitely worth visiting. Halong Bay, a great place for relax, sightseeing and adventure, is easily accessible from Hanoi. By bus Taking a bus from Hanoi to Halong can be a good thrill if you are

Dressing tips for a Halong Bay winter trip

Halong Bay is a year-round tourist attraction

Favorited by foreign tourists in almost every time period of the year, Halong Bay is considered as a year-round tourist attraction. Traveling in chilling season, when the Bay welcomes fewer visitors and presents a differently unique beauty from summer time, is a perfect choice of many people. Tours in Vietnam It is surprising that even

What you should know about Halong Bay cruise in the winter

Foggy in Halong Bay

The pristine beauty and rich biodiversity of Halong Bay allure travelers to visit all year round. fFrom April to September, the weather is often humid and hot while the winter with some cold months is dry. Although at any time during the year, it is possible to visit Halong Bay, international travelers mostly travel to