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Some best activities in Halong Bay cruise

On-board cooking classes will give you a chance not only to taste fine cuisine but also know more about Vietnamese dishes’ recipe as well as its culinary culture. All of these cruise Chefs are willing to show and teach you how to carve different kinds of vegetables and fruits and how to make Vietnamese traditional dishes such as fried or fresh spring roll. After lesson, a fun cooking competition is held to find out the best student among passengers. Let’s participate in the games and become the fastest to make the dish! Finally, it’s high time for meal! Enjoy yourself your own dish of food or share it with your partners! It is an interesting activity not to be missed especially if you love cuisine and cooking! BBQ on beach

Take part in Tai Chi session You are seeking for the best way to start your new day in Halong Bay? Nothing can beat engaging in Tai Chi session a gently physical exercise combining deep breathing and relaxation with slow and easy movements in the early morning. Helping to improve balance and general mobility, reduce

How to choose a day cruise in Halong Bay

Your time on the bay will be limited to a few-hour cruise if you are docked for only a single day

Not only being a bucket list item for many travelers, a boat cruise through Halong Bay cruise in Vietnam – an archipelago of almost 2,000 rock formations and islands in the Gulf of Tonkin, is also often a highlight of a cruise itinerary in Southeast Asia. However, it can be a little frustrating to figure

Best ways to admire the beauty of Halong Bay from above

Helicopter tour in Halong

Have you ever had a view of Halong Bay, which is well known for its terrific beauty, with thousands of limestone structures and karst caves – from above. Every day, this charming place welcomes hundreds or even thousands of tourists. Cruising on boats, junks, luxury cruises, there are many ways to explore Halong Bay. However,