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Phu Quoc- the fish sauce island of Vietnam

A fish sauce factory tour
If wine is popular in French cuisine, olive oil is in Italian cuisine, fish sauce is definitely an essential part in Vietnamese cuisine and Vietnamese life. It is used in almost every dish in Vietnamese food. Vietnam has population of about 90 million and they consumed over 200 million liters of fish sauce every year. That’s why a lot of people say when they come to Vietnam that you can smell the fish sauce when you get off the plane. Vietnam and Indochina travel

Fishing anchovies to make the fish sauce

Fishing anchovies to make the fish sauce- source: internet

Phu Quoc is an island in the South and is one of the main producers of fish sauces for the whole of Vietnam. For people local living here, fishing has become a big part of their lives. On the Southeast coast of Phu Quoc is An Thoi port town. It is one of the traditional fishing ports on the island. Currently it serves fishing boats and small cargo boats for local residents and has become one of the two most important fishing grounds in Phu Quoc Island, providing anchovies to make the best quality of fish sauce. Visiting Phu Quoc, it is definitely lucky if you have a chance to take part in a fishing trip with locals here. Most of them started making fish sauce from many years ago. They have not only gone fishing for anchovies but also developed their family’s traditional trade. The locals have ability to detect the fish shoals by their eyes and experiences because they understand how the water currents depend on the wind and where the fish will swim to. For the fisherman, they have a strict rule is women should never be on the fishing boat. It explains for the question of some tourists: why are not women allowed on the boat? Spend time with local people, see how they stayed on the boat, it is really the most exciting part in your trip to discover Phu Quoc fish sauce. Halong bay Jasmine cruise

The barrels are used to make fish sauce

The barrels are used to make fish sauce- source: internet

After coming back to mainland, the fish are transport directly to the facilities, immediately placed into beautiful wooden barrels where chemical fermentation process will begin. Before starting making fish sauce, the locals have to check the saltiness of the fishes in order to be sure that the salt is enough. The fish will be pressed by some big boards from “trum” tree. This tree is only found on Phu Quoc Island. It was chosen because it could hold the fish in 1 year and it might add some flavors to the fish sauce. Visiting fish sauce factory has long become an interesting tourist site for tourists when going to Phu Quoc tours. I think it’s definitely valuable and exciting when you can see the fish come out, you can see them go to factory and it is kind of nice to check out some fish sauce that the locals made earlier.

A fish sauce factory tour

A fish sauce factory tour- source: internet

Phu Quoc fish sauce is well-known thanks to its strong taste from one hundred percent natural ingredients including pure anchovies and salt and is pressed after 12 months or longer. It is great combination all of nice flavors from anchovies, from salt. Besides enjoying the natural beauty of some white sands beaches stretching out to the horizon, fish sauce factory is also a strange attraction.  It is also not surprising when tourists setting foot on these factories buy some liters of fish sauce as the gifts for family and loved ones.

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