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Check In 5 Majestic Islands In Quang Ninh

Dawn in Coto is always tinged with a subtle purple
Travel to Quang Ninh, beside the famous Halong bay, you can try to find yourself a pristine island, to enjoy the fresh, separate from everything outside, before the summer of this year ended with Check In 5 Majestic Islands In Quang Ninh. Travel to Quang Ninh with: Alova Gold cruise halong
Banh Sua Island

Banh Sua Island (also known as Ong To Island or Tu Hai Island) is located modestly in Bai Tu Long Bay, in Quang Ninh Province. The island not only possesses the sweet name of tourists as it is mentioned that this piece of land is indeed a pristine oasis for travelers to be immersed in the journey to explore nature.


A sweet summer afternoon on Banh Sua island

A sweet summer afternoon on Banh Sua island- source: internet

Co To Island

Co To Island, Quang Ninh province is about 3 hours by boat from Cai Rong harbor or 1.5 hours by express train. The island in the last 5 years has been a favorite destination for many young people in the summer with sea activities and overnight camping. Co Tu still has many wild features, clear beaches, smooth sand, undeveloped services

To visit and explore Co To Island you can spend 1 to 2 days here. Unlike other islands visiting by motorbike or boat, to Co To, you just need to ride a bike. Tours Vietnam and Indochina

The places to visit on the island are Co To Lighthouse, visit Van Chai wharf, Hong Van, Bac Vean port, Cau My beach and do not overlook Co To Son, a small island with no inhabitants living near Co To . Getting up early to go to the market, buy seafood such as squid, oyster, clam … and then bring near the sea. If you are a little handsome and meticulous, you can create your own unique BBQ party on the beach of Co To Island.

Dawn in Coto is always tinged with a subtle purple

Dawn in Coto is always tinged with a subtle purple- source: internet

Ngoc Vung Island

Ngoc Vung Island (also known as Ngoc Island) is located in Van Don District. The name of this Jade Island originates from the ancient times where many rare pearls emit shimmering light at night.

Unlike other islands in the sea, the island is full of favorable natural conditions such as eco-lakes, plains and small valleys so that people can develop agriculture. Apart from Truong Chinh Beach, which runs more than 3 km, Ngoc Vung Island’s main attractions are rice paddies, which are close to the harvest season.

Ngoc Vung Island may not be as famous as Co To Island or Quan Lan, but wild, has the potential to develop tourism as the wide beach is deserted with fine sand, the straight roads along casuarina cascades will makes travelers extremely excited.

The pristine Ngoc Vung beach fanscinates travelers

The pristine Ngoc Vung beach fanscinates travelers- source: internet


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