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The beauty of Sapa in October

Sapa in fall

With the fine, rugged scenery largely reflecting the harmony of the ethnic minority group and nature, the rich cultural diversity and the very comfortably cool and dry weather, Sapa town is one of the best destinations to visit in October. Do not miss Sapa during this beautiful time! See more about Sapa: Tours Vietnam and Indochina

Sapa weather in October

Sapa in fall

Sapa in fall- source: internet

With temperatures ranging from 13°C to 20°C and only few hours of sunshine per day, October is when Sapa town in the north west of Vietnam, which is one of the tourist gems of not only the region but also throughout Vietnam, shines in its brightest charm. Thanks to this pretty nice weather, you can easily take part in outdoor activities but still have enough time to take a break inside to cool off from the heat. Those who go to Sapa with the desire of experiencing trekking as well as other adventurous activities or who want a tan bath might not feel like the short time period of the sunshine or the sunrays. However, forget the lesser hours of sun showers, the dry tone and the decrease of the humidity will help you to enjoy the beauty of Sapa town at its best. Sapa homestay tours

Impressive terraced fields in Sapa

Impressive terraced fields in Sapa- source: internet

Though the scenery in October is not as nice as that of September – the harvesting season in Sapa, when you can get your camera ready to take photo every single step you walk, it is still one of the best recommended times to visit Sapa, especially for those who want a really laid-back natural and unforgettable journey.

  • Average High Temperature 20 degree Celsius
  • Average Low Temperature 13 degree Celsius
  • Average temperature: 17 degree Celsius
  • Humidity: 85%
  • Average precipitation: 91 mm
  • Number of rainy days: 12

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