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5 unforgettable experiences in Saigon suburban

The Monkey Island
Recognized as a UNESCO site, Can Gio, over half of whose area is comprised of saltwater forest, attracts many Saigonese and travelers all over the world who are in need of a short weekend getaway. cruise mekong delta
Discover Vam Sat mangrove

Vam Sat mangrove forest

Vam Sat mangrove forest- source: internet

Regarded as a World Biosphere Reserve with a rich diversity of flora and fauna, Vam Sat mangrove forest will be a great choice for those who want to venture into the wild but cannot get away too far from Ho Chi Minh City. In a trip to this forest, you can visit popular sites such as bird sanctuary, Crocodile Farm and Bat Swamp, etc. as well as experience many interesting activities such as: kayaking through the mangrove forest, catching fishing by net, crocodile catching and traveling by canoe through cannels with green trees to immerse yourself in the nature. Travel Indochina Vietnam

Pay a visit to the Monkey Island

The Monkey Island

The Monkey Island- source: internet

Actually just a name to call the monkey farm in Can Gio Island, the Monkey Island is home to more than 1,000 long-tailed monkeys varying in types. You will have so much fun when playing with these smart animals, feeding them, shaking hands with them and taking many beautiful pictures of them and yourself. However, as there are many mischievous monkeys, which can suddenly pull tourists’ items, you have to be careful while feeding them. Getting close to them is good but keeping the safe space from them is better. When you decide to choose Can Gio for your Ho Chi Minh day trips, the Monkey Island is absolutely one of the most attractive places you should not miss.

Learn more about the local fishermen’s lifestyle

Getting closer to the local fishermen’s lifestyle to enjoy the tranquility is another thing to see and do in Can Gio. Unlike the hustling center of Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio gives you some different thoughts when walking along the beach, having a homestay and observing the way the locals earn their daily living.

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